Couples Work is an entirely unique experience, but shares these common themes:

Love as spiritual practice requires us to give when we often don’t feel like it — to feel into what another needs and push through our personal preferences or comfort zones and put ourselves into our lovers shoes to see what is true for them. Generous loving is an intention that can be cultivated and gifted as presence, as energy, as attention, as understanding.

Sex and love obviously are most deeply expressed through the body, so we use Kundalini, Taoist and other tantric practices to open our students’ physical, emotional and feeling bodies to give and receive love more fully. From this place breath, eye contact, sound, and touch all have deeper impact and effect.

As a society, we spend thousands of dollars to learn skills for business, hobbies or physical well being. Yet, we spend very little time investing in how to love more artfully. The best relationships rest on two pillars. The first is intimacy, or the removal of distance or separation from another; and the second is sexual polarity, or the energetic arc that is created when masculine and feminine poles are enhanced and celebrated. We create and teach practices that allow for more appreciation and love through intimate communication and also, those which spark and foster the flow of sexual energy. When intimacy and trust are combined with highly polarized sexual energy, the results are immediate and profound.