Masculine practice is purpose-driven, embodied work for men based on the following principles:

  • Be simultaneously embodied, while deeply engaged in his relationships and in the world.

  • Be a masculine presence who feels death as an ever present ally, sharpening his purpose and relaxing his needs.

  • Say YES to what IS with feeling and integrity. 

  • Having Commitment and Discipline to a Daily Practice of embodiment and awareness. Being committed to loving beyond habitual edges and closures.

John has been a revelation for me as a coach and mentor. He has been offering me what I have sorely needed and hadn’t had the courage to develop until our work: my depth and my purpose as a man. The work itself is almost impossible to describe in a testimonial- I will say I have never been more present in all aspects of my life. This journey has been full of ritual, practice, stillness and reading works of substance. Which has lead to an utterly new and inspired interaction with the feminine. John’s work isn’t for everyone-just for those who crave a life of meaning, integrity and joy.
— JAMIE WOLLRAB // Director & Producer, Los Angeles CA