Aligning your Life with Deepest Purpose 


The Embodied Men's Leadership Training 2017 is a purpose-centered, year long group that is dedicated to training and leading men in the realms of sexual intimacy, masculine leadership and spiritual development, embodiment, and clarifying your deepest purpose.  In this video, I answer the two primary questions I get from men regarding finding, claiming and clarifying their deepest purposes.  

The two most asked questions are:  If I am not sure what my life's mission is, how can I set my life up to find it?  And, I have a vague idea of what I want to create but I am uncertain and doubtful about how to actually manifest my life's vision.  

The answer to both these questions is similar and I go into some detail in the video, but here are the three key points:

1.  Clear away the crap that numbs you from feeling what life is wanting you to feel, do and be.

2.  Relatedly, commit to creating space where you can allow life to give you information, inspiration, and nourishment; as well as reveal magic on the subject.

3.  Surround yourself with men who are also living from this place and committed to doing anything to deepen and align to their deepest purposes.

I have been in some form of this process for over 8 years now and I can tell you, it is a never ending clarification that is both excruciating and highly liberating.  Don't sell yourself short in any of these areas.  Your life and soul literally depend on it.