John Wineland delves further into what men crave in the video along with Guru Jagat addressing some of the questions raised after the release of the first part in his series “What Men Crave”.

Going further into how men crave the feminine’s invitation to be led into places only the masculine can lead them (heroism) and why the self-sufficiency women have created is sometimes experienced by men as a barrier to this deepest desire.

Women have honed their communication in dissatisfaction but how developed is their communication of satisfaction and delight?

In this part of the video series you will see:

- How feminine and masculine energies train and entrain to each other
- Why women have to communicate positive feedback in an over the top way for the message to be received by the masculine nervous system
- Praise is a satisfaction muscle to strengthen at least as much as our dissatisfaction complaints
- How to awaken what is innately heroic within you and bring it to relationship with the feminine
- Why men yearn for and are nourished by feminine surrender or invitation into their deepest heart
- For the feminine: The criteria by which to discern who is worthy of opening to completely
- The process of Surrendering in stages through tests of consciousness, nobility and rigor