Describing the Quality in a Woman that will Inspire a Man Deeply

A man's desire for freedom at the heart of all he does, including choose a partner.  Some men may want sexual freedom, while others financial, while still others spiritual freedom.  A man will a these points in his life prioritize a partner that inspires and supports one or more of these freedoms.  Many believe a man's biological desire for sexual freedom--be it a kind of sex he wants to explore with one woman or having many partners--is the most powerful force in his life.


But in the end, what a man finds in his forever woman isn’t sexual-- it’s much deeper-- it’s the feminine's support on his quest for personal freedom--whatever that means to him at that stage of his life. At one stage, it could be financial or spiritual freedom he seeks depending on the man. At another, a man may value a deep mission on the planet.   These are goals that attained, will grant a man what he considers the freedom of living his deepest purpose. And so, a partner that inspires and supports him towards that freedom is incredibly valuable.  Watch the men in this audience all nod with vigor as we touch on their true desire.

What you will see bullets:

  • The greatest pair of shoes analogy

  • The stark truth about a man’s mind

  • The unquenchable thirst for purpose

  • The texture and palette of feminine energy

Couples Intimacy: What a Man Wants More than Sexual Freedom