The Differences Between What Men and Women Are Craving [Video: Part 1 of 3  Part Series]

This week I sat down with the talented and deep Guru Jagat, who happens to be my love of almost 5 years AND my teaching partner, to discuss more deeply the questions I opened in “A Plea to Women--What Men Crave”.  I had no real idea that the talk I released a few weeks ago, (Watch Video Now) would create as much interest, love mail, hate mail, and discourse as it has.  

And I also knew there was no way I could give that complex topic anywhere near its due in a 10 minute talk.  So, we pulled six or so questions from the discussions of the video online and dove in for a 45 minute talk--which we have split into three 10-12 minute videos.

I wanted a women’s teacher (Guru Jagat’s Immense Grace women’s program is one of the most comprehensive and forward thinking on the planet) who could lend a different perspective to mine.  We don’t agree on everything, thank God!  And she brings a post-feminist, Yogic and meditative approach to both women’s work and the questions the video has raised.    

In this 11 minute video, we address:

  • The differences and similarities in What Men and Women are craving from each other
  • The kind of presence or energy a masculine or feminine partner wants
  • Breath and speech as a gift for the nervous system
  • Breath and Sexual intimacy
  • How to be more intimate with space in a relationship
  • The gift and curse of feminist discourse
  • What nourishes men and women from a sexual polarity perspective

Watch the Original Video Here