John Wineland and Kendra Cunov talk about the dynamics of conducting love through the body.

For most people, the expression of love is a habit and therefore the romantic relationship has a tendency of falling into a non-polarized, habitual groove that many refer to as "roommates". The tragic result is that the artful areas of fierceness, devotion, naughtiness, and surrender go largely unexplored. Another way to think about it is that there are muscles when not used consistently, or challenged with deeper training, will begin to atrophy.

This video filmed with Kendra Cunov explores an expansion in the textures of physically channeled emobidiment and gives some important guidance into the ways that both feminine and masculine can expand the practice of conducting love through the body in new and beautiful ways. Like any skill we want to master, you can start with learning the techniques that allow for the conduction of love, presence and depth so that you not only feel it, but that those around you are actually impacted by the energy. 

What you will see bullets:
  •  Kendra reveals the ways she likes to experience love
  •  The textures of love embodied
  •  How to expand the nervous system past the habitual
  •  Eliminating the chatter of your head through a flow of intention