Leading the feminine through praise as a force for shaping your relationship

This is often an area of tremendous missed opportunity, as well as one of deep pain and misunderstanding.   Men will often approach the feminine the way they would one of their masculine friends.  Challenging her to do X, Y, or Z better or different.  That rarely inspires her to follow your lead or makes her feel cherished.  In fact, more often than not, it will piss her off and close her down.

In this 12 minute video taken from May, The Way of the Superior Man Training, in Santa Monica, John Wineland and Justin Patrick Pierce break down how to utilize the force of praise as a way to inspire, direct and shape your relating with the feminine.  It is actually easier than you think to:

  • Train yourself to see what is beautiful about her, vs. what needs to be changed or fixed

  • Learn to give feedback or opinions (when asked for them) in a way that opens her heart, rather than makes her feel criticized

  • Learn the difference between how the masculine is inspired and how the feminine grows and shines

  • Use praise to create a culture of worship, vs. one of complaint

  • Make her feel great about asking for your help