with John Wineland and Guru Jagat

It is an incredible gift to listen to and validate what your partner is feeling and thinking.  Many however, have not been taught a safe and loving way to practice, especially in heated moments. The Intentional Dialogue Practice can serve to create a safe container for each other's thoughts and feelings, while serving to make them feel seen for what they are scared to express or very often judge in themselves. It can bring healing to not only your romantic relationship, but all those you want to support. Commit to it for 40 days and see what shifts.

This simple (but not always easy) communication practice, modeled after the Imago Dialogue created by Harville Hendrix, will train your nervous system to hear and receive upset from another in a way that is deeply loving and transformative. In this short demo, GJ and I demonstrate the practice give some tips as how to best use it moving forward, including a 40 days challenge!