by John Wineland

Virtually everyone wants more intimacy!  Questions I am asked by men and women constantly are, “How can I connect with my woman/man ANYTIME??  How do we stay connected?  And how can I create connection when we are distant or mad at each other?”  And the truth is people over complicate this.  What most don’t know is that there are some very simple awareness practices that can create 

INSTANT INTIMACY.   Here are 3 practices that I have found work beautifully.

1.  Love What Is!!
Almost all disconnect starts with us making some complaint about what our partners are or are not doing. Barring abuse, there is very little that is worth the pain of continual disconnection.   How about learning to love WHO our partners ARE, not who we want them to be.

2. Feel Them!!
I mean that literally.  Practice feeling the way they walk thru the room or how they breathe or where they are in their day.   The surest way to being more intimate with any person, place, animal, child, or thing is to begin feeling them.

3. Get Generous!!
Rather than withhold your love or praise or generosity, presence, or energy UNTIL they behave the way you want them to, start leading the generosity train!!  Let’s face it.  We are often petty and punitive in our relating and punishing our lovers by withholding our hearts serves no one!

Now I will be the first to say that all of these are lifelong practices that we can continue to improve on!  

No better time than now to start.