In the second video of this 3-part series, "The Laws of Love,"  John Wineland and Guru Jagat discuss 5 essential ways of being, in service of love.  

1.  The importance of "practicing how to love well," like you would a favorite hobby or valued skill.  We go to school for years to learn a profession, but do we spend even a portion of that time learning the art of relating and opening our bodies to a deeper capacity of love.

2. The benefits of generously loving your partner.  Every moment is a choice to be more generous, compassionate and open with your partner.  Our nervous systems actually get stronger and expand in the GIVING of our gifts.  This especially true when you don't want to give. 

3. Think of training at the gym.  The greatest growth in strength are the last 3 or 4 reps that you rarely feel like doing and are by far the hardest to finish.  Yet, they make all the difference.

4. Loving well is a technology, an art, a yoga.  As such, it can be practiced and mastered.